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Obscure/frosted glass

● Obscure glass
Obscure glass is float glass which has been treated so that it continues to diffuse light, but what can be seen through it is blurred or indistinct.
● Frosted glass
Frosted glass is one such obscure glass type – revealing only a very distorted image of the other side of the glass. It can be distinguished by its white opaque frosting, which offers a very hazy transparency.

Reflective glass

Reflective glass is essentially ordinary float glass with a metallic coating that cuts off solar heat. This special metallic coating also provides a one-way mirror effect, preventing visibility from the outside and thus preserving privacy.

Tinted glass

Tinted double glazing is ideal for residential or commercial premises who want to retain some privacy.It remains transparent from the inside although the colour view is slightly different to a clear window.
It also limits ultraviolet light transmission through windows to reduce the fading of furniture and carpet, and reduces heat gain inside the home by reflecting solar heat energy, thereby saving the homeowner money in cooling costs.

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